Recordings of your Stage segments will automatically appear in your Event Reports tab after the event is over.

Access your Event Reports by going to the Events page in your Organizer Dashboard.

Click directly on the event to enter the Event Dashboard.

Scroll down the page of the event dashboard until you see the Event Reports section on the left sidebar.

Click the Stage Summary to get access to your Stage recordings and the Sessions Summary to get access to your Session recordings.

Click Download to download your video recordings as .mp4 files.

Tip: When using Chrome to download the recordings, click on the three-dot at the bottom right of the screen and select download to complete the download.

With Firefox, right-click on the video and select save video as to complete the download.


  • The post-processing for recordings may take up to 24 hours for the recordings to appear after the event is over.
  • For each recording Hopin creates, two backup/fallback copies will also be created to ensure the recordings are correctly made and provided to organizers. There should be no visible difference between the main and fallback recordings.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] in case you still don't see the recordings after 24 hours passed since the event was over.

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