Make sure to fit the data you fill in with the following character limits:


  • Headline (how you introduce yourself): 100
  • Organization 'About' section: 1000

Event Dashboard

  • Session: Title: 60
  • Session: Description: 140

Expo Booth

  • About (Short information about the vendor): 700
  • Offer (discounts/promotions): 60
  • Button Action (Register Interest, Link to webpage): 50
  • Expo Booth (Mini): Headline (preview): 195
  • Expo Booth (Small): Headline (preview): 45
  • Expo Booth (Medium): Headline (preview): 70
  • Expo Booth (Large): Headline (preview): 150
  • Schedule Description: 160
  • Advanced Settings: Short description for search engines and social media: 140

Main event

  • Chat section: 500

Note: Currently, there are no character limits for the reception page, registration page, customized emails, and additional information areas for Stage, Sessions and Expo Booths.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have questions or need assistance.

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