Whether you host events every day or every year, the Starter plan fits all styles of organizers getting started with Hopin.

Registrations now rollover on the Starter plan (former Early Access)

Any unused registrations that you have in your Hopin account will now accumulate and be available until they are used for your events or expire after 12 months.

Currently, on the Starter plan, free registrations are given per organizer (1 organizer - 100 registrations, 3 organizers - 300 registrations) per monthly billing cycle. All registrations beyond the free limit come with $0.50 per registration fee.

Here’s how the rollover works

Before, registrations that weren’t used during the billing cycle would drop off and reset to 100 per organizer. But now, they accrue. For example, let’s say you use only 80 free registrations during the monthly billing cycle (e.g., October 19 - November 19). All unused free registrations will automatically roll over to the next monthly billing cycle (e.g., November 19 - December 19). The organizer will start the new monthly cycle with 120 free registrations. These include: 20 unused (rolled over registrations) plus 100 free registrations given monthly.

In case the organizer doesn’t use any registrations per monthly billing cycle, all 100 free registrations automatically add to the new 100 free registrations granted next billing month. That way the organizer will have 200 free registrations.

Organizers can accumulate free registrations for up to 12 month billing cycles. That’s 1,200 free registrations per organizer (or 3,600 per 3 organizers) to use for your upcoming events.

Note: All rolled over unused registrations expire on the first day of the13th billing cycle. However, whenever the organizer uses free registrations, the oldest rolled overs count first.

Where are the rolled over registrations located?

Organizers can track registrations (both available and used) any time on the Billing tab of their organization.

What happens if the number of organizers changes during the billing cycle?

Starter plan allows you to add or remove organizers at any time.

Each new organizer costs $99 per month fee and grants an extra 100 free registrations if added at the beginning of the billing cycle (e.g. October 19 - November 19).

If the organizer is added or removed in the middle of the billing cycle (e.g., on November 3), a pro-rated amount will apply. For this month only, the per organizer fee/credit will become $49.50 and the free registrations number will be 50.

Note: All free registrations accumulated before adding the new organizer will remain and will not be affected. Changes will apply only to new free registrations granted after the new organizer is added.

What happens if I cancel my Starter subscription?

Organizers on the Starter plan can choose how long they want to keep their account on Hopin. Once the organizer cancels the subscription, the plan will change to Free and all rolled over registrations will be removed along with the subscription and will not be refunded.

What happens to registrations on non-Starter plans?

Registration rollovers apply to the Starter plan only. Other plans are not affected.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have questions or need assistance.

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