The Analytics page (BETA) of your event dashboard contains a summary of the most important data of your event. At first glance, it may look intimidating - however, this guide will help you understand every bit of it.

How do you access it?

You can access it by clicking on the Overview tab on the left side of the beta event dashboard.

Before the event

Before your event begins, your dashboard should have these modules:

  • Registrations and Ticket Sales: This displays a graph that shows the progression of registrations for your event over time. By clicking on the ticket sales box, you can display information on ticket sales instead.
  • Ticket sales by type: Here, you see the number of tickets sold according to ticket types with a link to the ticket management page.
  • Recent registrations: A list of recent attendees registered for your event.
  • Registrations by country: A pictorial representation of attendees by country.

During the event

During your event, your analytics dashboard will look a bit different with these modules:

  • Turnout, Maximum attendance and Time spent: Turnout is the total number of attendees who showed up for the event up until the time at which the data is viewed. Maximum attendance is the maximum number of concurrent users, and the Time spent is the average time spent by attendees in the event.
  • Current attendees, Total chat messages and Total network meetings : A graph showing the number of attendees at certain points of time throughout the event. Clicking on the Chat messages and Network meetings tabs, you will see the number as well as a graphical representation of each.
  • Top areas by number of attendees: This shows the most visited areas within your event as well as the number of attendees that visited.
  • Registrations: This shows the progression of registrations for your event over time
  • Chat messages by area: A count of chat messages for all of the segments within your event.
  • Top expo booths by interaction: This displays the expo booths with the highest number of interactions by attendees.
  • Top attendees by expo booth interaction: The names of the most active attendees that visited the expo booths.

After the Event

After the event, you're given a summary of the total number of registrations for your event, the number of countries represented, turnout rate, average time spent by attendees, number of expo booth visits, number of expo booth interactions, number of chat messages in the event, and the number of networking meetings.

Find out more about reports and analytics here. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have questions or need assistance.

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