Organizers are now able to control the event experience for their attendees by managing the permissions throughout the event.

The Attendee Visibility settings allow you to control how much your attendees can see about each other within the event. To set this up, go to your Event Dashboard > Venue > Venue Controls

On the old Event Dashboard > Advanced Settings > Show event attendees

The options available are:

  1. Attendees list and count: This option enables the People tab of the event where a list of all your attendees and organizers are displayed during the event.

The number of registrants for an event will be displayed on the registration page.

The number of attendees present in the event will also be displayed at the top in all the event segments.

Through the people tab, attendees are able to:

  • chat privately with attendees - find the user in the people tab and use the chat area at the bottom to send a private message.
  • invite attendees to a video call - select the user and click invite to video call
  • schedule a video meeting
  • report a user in case of inappropriate behaviour.
  • mute an attendee - muting a user disables the muted user from sending messages.

2. Attendees list only: This option displays the people tab but does not display the number of people attending the event or the number of attendees present within the event.

3. None: This option removes the people tab, the number of registrants on the registration page, as well as the number of attendees present within the event.

Removing the people tab means that attendees will not be able to chat privately with other attendees, initiate videos calls with attendees, schedule meetings, mute or report a user.

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