To create a Networking segment in an Open event, select:

  • Create Event
  • Choose Open Event
  • Set the beginning and end times
  • Choose the Networking segment (it will be green)
  • Select Create Event

To add a Networking segment to a Scheduled event, follow these steps:

  • Login to organiser profile
  • Manage Events
  • Find your [event name] and select Manage
  • Go to Schedule
  • Add Segment
  • Select Networking under Segment type
  • Name it and set the start and end time
  • Click Create Segment

Set the amount of time you want attendees to meet

For Open events:

  • Go to Segments
  • Scroll down to Networking
  • Set the number of seconds you'd like each conversation to last (there will be a timer). For example, 300 seconds = 5 minutes.

For Scheduled events:

  • Go to Schedule
  • Find the Networking segment you'd like to edit
  • Select the Segment Settings
  • Adjust the maximum and minimum meeting times.

Note: attendees can move on to the next person anytime unless you set a minimum (optional).

Designate who meets who

You can control which ticket types meet each other. For example, one ticket could be Technical and another could be Non-technical and you can set it so that they meet only with each other (not Technical and Technical, etc.)

To choose who can meet who during the Networking segments:

  • Go to Tickets
  • Under Can Meet, select the other ticket types that ticket holder can meet with.
  • It saves your choices automatically.

Other stuff to know about how Networking works

During the 1-on-1 meetings, you'll be paired up with one person at a time for the amount of time chosen by the organizer.

Once the time is up, Hopin automatically moves you to the next person. Matching is 100% random, unless the organizer designated targeted networking. 

You’ll never meet the same person twice.

You can end a conversation anytime (or once the minimum time set by the organizer has been met) to move on to the next person.

Every match will be coupled with a countdown timer indicating the amount of time remaining.

The Connect Button

Click the Connect button if you'd like to virtually "exchange business cards" and add a person to your network.

Important: Both people must click the Connect button for information to be exchanged. Otherwise, a connection will not be made. If one person selects Connect, but the other does not, neither will know until the end of the event.

At the end of an event, you will be able to see all of your connections in your home dashboard, like so:


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