In Hopin, you'll be prompted to select your audio and video device so that people can hear and see you at the event, but if you are unable to select your AV options, it is probably because you need to give browser permissions for Hopin to access your AV devices.

First, please be sure that you are using Chrome (preferred) or Firefox (backup) and that it is up to date.

If that doesn't work, be sure to give browser permissions in Chrome:

  • In the URL bar, find the video camera icon and click it. A dropdown modal will appear like this:

Make sure your camera and microphone are allowed for

You can also check to see if Hopin has access to your AV devices this way:

  • In your browser, click Chrome
  • Go to Preferences
  • Under Advanced, select Privacy and Security.
  • Find Site Settings
  • Under Site Settings, locate Camera and Mic.
  • Hopin should be one of the approved sites.
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