Congrats! You're a speaker at a Hopin event. Wahoo!

Here's what you need to do to make sure everything goes seamlessly.

Get set up

  • Create a Hopin account here.
  • Ask the organiser to send you a link to register for the event (it will probably be a private link with a free ticket). 🤞
  • Register for the Hopin event. 
  • Ask the Organiser to do a test run with you on the Hopin backstage (the Organiser will send you a link). The backstage is where you make your presentation.
  • Confirm that your audio and video devices work in the backstage.

Once registered, let the Organiser know so they can add you as a Speaker to the Registration page, Schedule, and Reception Page.


  • When it's time for your presentation, head to the backstage with the link provided to you by the Organiser of the event.
  • Click "Participate" at the top of the Stage screen.
  • You'll need to give browser permission for Hopin to use your camera and mic.
  • Choose your audio and video devices and click Apply.
  • You are now backstage if it is before the event, or broadcasting if the event is already live.

Note: If you want to join secretly, don't click "Participate". Use the Backstage Chat tab to let the Organiser know you're there. Make sure the chat is toggled to Backstage, otherwise the full event will see your message.

Tip: While participating on the Backstage, you can turn off your camera and mic using the controls at the bottom of your screen — this will make you disappear from the front stage completely, event though your gray avatar is still showing in the backstage. It's a sneaky way to transition smoothly between speakers.

Presenting slides

Learn how to present slides on the backstage here.


  • Once you have registered for the event, let the Organiser know. Sessions can be "Open" (anyone can be on screen) or "Moderated" (you can choose who comes on screen). If "Moderated", you will need to be added as a moderator by the Organiser so you can run the Session.
  • When it's time for your Session, head to the "Sessions" tab and find the Session you'll be speaking in.
  • Click "Participate" once you are in the Session.
  • If you haven't allowed access to your camera or mic in the event, you will be prompted to do so at this time.
  • Once you see yourself on screen, you're live to your audience.
  • If it is a Moderated session, you will see those asking to join at the bottom of the video in the "Moderator Panel". You get to choose who comes up on screen with you there. 
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