Hopin has a referral program for each of your events that you can find in your event dashboard under the Optional section.

Hopin's referral program enables organisers to create special links for anyone, such as speakers and other attendees, to generate ticket registrations and track how many ticket registrations that individual caused.

For example, if Bobby, an influencer, is speaking at a Hopin event and wants to bring her network to the event and receive compensation for it, the organiser can create a special referral link for Bobby to share. Then the organiser will be able to see how many sales Bobby generated.

How Hopin Referrals works

Hopin Referrals tracks who made ticket sales to your event, how many sales were made, and whom registered for the event through the referral links.

However, Hopin Referrals does not handle payouts to referrers. You will have to manage paying your referrers individually outside of Hopin, using a payment platform such as Paypal. 

Continuing with our example above, the organiser and Bobby negotiated a 25% referral commission for every ticket sale Bobby generates, so the organiser creates Bobby's referral link and adds Bobby as the name and 25% in the description as a reminder. After the event, the organiser sees that Bobby generated 50 sales of the $100 tickets. The organiser sends a payment of $1,250 to Bobby via Paypal.

How to add someone as a Referral

  • Click Referrals to get started.
  • Click Add Referral. 
  • Type the name of the individual or entity that will be using the referral link.
  • Add a description that reminds you of the deal terms that you worked out, such as 25% of the ticket sales price, or $1 per registration. This is for internal purposes only. You are the only one that will see this description.
  • Click Create Referral.

The Referral will now have a special link. Copy and paste to share this link and instruct them to promote away! 

Click the green pie chart icon to view the performance of the Referral link. You'll be able to see:

  • Referred Registrations (total)
  • Total Sales Referred
  • The date when the referred registration occurred.
  • The name of the attendee that registered using the referral link.
  • The ticket price that the attendee paid to register for the event.

🔦 Important notes:

  • This is system is in its early stages. Until we build a more sophisticated Referral system, referrers (e.g., a speaker who has a referral link) are not able to view how many sales they have generated. They will have to ask you, the organiser, for an update. 
  • Referrals don't need to be registered for the Hopin event they are promoting.

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