Hi there, congrats on having a booth at a Hopin event!

If this is your first time, welcome!

You're probably wondering how this works and what to do. You've come to the right place.

How do I set up my vendor booth in Hopin?

Organisers are responsible for setting up vendor booths at their event. So you don't have to do anything directly. The organiser will handle everything. 

However, you can have the organiser build you booth a certain way. Here are the customisation options you have; just let your organiser know that you'd like them.

You can customise almost everything, including the:

  • Tagline, description, logos, and image. You can change any of these pieces of your booth.
  • Event offer. Optionally: you can choose to include a special offer in your booth, such as a percentage off of a product, a coupon code, a giveaway, or whatever you'd like. This is a text-only field.
  • Video: Livestream or pre-recorded. The video in your booth can be pre-recorded as a YouTube video, Vimeo video, or Wistia video. Or it can be a live session where you or your team can be on live camera with guests, similar to a Zoom call. Up to 10 people can be on camera. Lastly, you can create a custom stream using RTMP to hybridise your booth. Meaning, if you have a physical event booth and you'd like to record it live for the online Hopin event booth, you can use RTMP. Here's how.
  • Moderated or Open. If you choose a live session in your vendor booth, you can then choose whether you want it to be open or moderated. An open vendor booth lets people join on live camera as they please. A moderated vendor booth (you would be the moderator), requires your approval for attendees to join on live camera. If you'd like to have moderated booth, tell the organiser that you (or someone on your team) would like to be the moderator.

Note: A moderated session is a good way to set up a "queue" where you control who you video chat in the booth and the time at which they enter and leave (i.e., you can boot them out if you wish). Anybody can watch a session, but a moderator controls who is allowed on video.

  • CTA button. The green button can be customised in two ways. The first is the Register Interest option -- the vendor will receive an email that contains the attendee's contact information. The second option is linking to any webpage. This can be a PDF download, calendar link, ecommerce link, or even a link to another part of your Hopin event (i.e., a breakout session). It's up to you. If you do choose the "Link to webpage" option, have the organiser change the button text accordingly.

How do I enter my vendor booth at a Hopin event?

It's important to make sure you are "in" your vendor booth at the Hopin event when it's time. This will allow you to answer questions in the Booth Chat and be on live camera to engage with visitors, if you've chosen that format.

When it's time for the event, head to the registration page five minutes before the event starts. Click Enter Event.

To enter your booth, click Expo on the lefthand side and find your booth. Click it to enter. 

If it's a pre-recorded video, then your job is easy. Just man the Booth chat. TIP: Use the Event chat to invite people to your booth.

If it's a live session and it's Open, click Join Session. Make sure you've given browser permissions for Hopin to use your camera and mic. 

If it's a live session and you are the moderator, click the button Start Session. Again, make sure Hopin can use your camera and mic. Select your audio and video devices and hit Apply and Join Session. You're live! 

When people request to join a moderated session, you'll see their name pop up in a blue box. Click the GREEN button next to their name to allow them to join. If you don't click the green button, they will not be able to join. The button will turn GRAY after you click it. This means they are selecting their AV devices and will be on camera shortly. Click the RED button next to their name to kick them out.

There you go! That's how you enter and run your vendor booth at a Hopin event. 

Let us know if you have any questions!

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