Create an organiser account

When you first sign up for Hopin, you create an attendee account. An attendee account is what you use to attend Hopin events. But you’ll need an organiser profile to be able to create Hopin events.

To create an organiser account on Hopin:

  • Sign in and go to My Account.
  • Click your photo in the top right and select Organise Events. Note: if you already have an organisation and you are creating a second organisation, this will say New Organisation.
  • Fill out the information about your organisation.
  • Click Create Profile.

Once your organisation is created, you can sign in to your Organiser Home by clicking My Account and clicking Home in the new Organiser box on the left. 

Billing and getting paid

Every organiser profile account comes with five free registrations per event. This means you can create as many free Hopin events as you want, as long as they all have less than five tickets offered. These free events are available for testing and training purposes. Feel free to play around and test Hopin as much as you like. When you’re ready to scale up to full-production Hopin events, you may be interested in upgrading to a paid plan.

Hopin pricing plans at a glance

  • Free Plan. Hopin’s free plan allows you to create Hopin events with less than five tickets available. The free plan also requires events to be hidden and recordings aren’t available.
  • Monthly Plan. Hopin’s monthly plan is great for small to medium sized recurring events. Starting at $99/organizer/month, the monthly plan comes with 100 free registrations included and $.50 per registration above 100 that month. If you charge for tickets, Hopin’s platform fee is 7%, not including Stripe fees. You can sign up for the monthly plan under the Billing tab of your Organiser Home.
  • Hopin Pro. Hopin Pro is for large events, with customizations, branding, integrations, external registration systems, dedicated support, and a lot more features. This plan is contract-based and tailored for each engagement, starting at $10,000.

Connect your Stripe account

To receive money in your bank account from your Hopin ticket sales, you are required to connect your Stripe account.

Each organisation must have its own Stripe account. You cannot have multiple organisations attached to one Stripe account. 

When your Stripe account is set up, you are ready to start selling tickets.

Your ticket sales revenue is deposited into your Stripe account 3-7 days after the sale occurs.

Hopin does not cover Stripe’s payment processing fee.

For refunds, go to your View Attendees tab and select the refund button next to the attendee’s name.

Hopin only works with Stripe for right now, but other payment processors (i.e., Paypal) are coming soon.

Add members to your team

More team members make organising and running Hopin events easier. 

To add team members to your organisation, go to the Team tab in your Organiser Home. Key in their email and hit Send Invite.

Additional organisers can create and manage all your events, invite other team members, and make changes to your billing account. Note: Sub-accounts and team permissions are coming soon.

Adding multiple organisations to your account

You can have multiple organisations tied to your Hopin user account. Each organisation requires its own billing plan and Stripe account. 

To create a new organisation, click New Organiser Profile in the top bar or click your profile photo in the top right and select Create Organiser.

Note: You can edit an organisations details (i.e., name, logo, email, etc.) at any time under the Profile section of your Organiser Home.

To switch organiser profiles, click the dropdown menu in the top bar next to where it says your plan. Choose the organiser with which you wish to work from the menu.

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