The Expo area of Hopin is the exhibitor hall of digital vendor booths at your event. For organisers, an Expo area is a huge asset to your event.

Attendees can visit your Expo area and learn about relevant products and resources from your vendors and sponsors. 

The Expo area is great for all kinds of exhibitions, such as trade shows or fairs, where event-goers can “walk around” to visit the booths that interest them, interact with the vendors, and take action.

Each booth at your event can contain live video, branded content, Twitter links, pre-recorded videos, special offers, salespeople on live camera, and customised button CTAs.

Only Organisers can create booths. Vendors cannot create their own booths at this time. So if a vendor wants a change to their booth, they’ll have to ask the organiser to make it.

How to create a booth

To create a vendor booth, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Hopin account, go to your Organiser Home, and choose your event. This will open your event dashboard.
  • Find and click Expo on the left hand menu.
  • Click Add Booth.
  • This is the screen where you build your vendor booth.

Build a vendor booth

In the Add Booth screen, you’ll see the following fields. Here’s what they mean and how they work.

  • Vendor name. This could be the name of the company or product or idea or content. For example, a vendor name could be “Acme Co” or “Sign up list.” It’s up to you and your use case.
  • Vendor email. This is the email that will receive emails from attendees who click the button “Register Interest” in the booth. See “Button action” below for more.
  • Vendor Headline. This is the short description text underneath the vendor name. 
  • Offer. Use this field to write a special offer for booth visitors. It could be a discount, special access, coupon code, or anything. It’s optional text; it’s not tied to anything programmatically. 
  • About. Add a few words describing the booth and why your attendees should care.
  • Booth video/stream provider. Here is where you choose the main feature of your booth—the video. 
  • Do you want it to be pre-recorded? You can choose YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia from the dropdown menu. 
  • If you want to live-stream a physical booth from an in-person event or use another streaming service such as OBS or Restream, select Custom and use the RTMP and Stream Key details there.
  • If you want a live video session that is just like a Hopin open session, you can choose Session. This will allow your vendor personnel and attendees to interact on live camera within the booth (and up to 500 attendees can simply watch).
  • Twitter ID. Input just the name of your Twitter handle without the URL or “@” symbol. For example, “hopin” is the correct way to add a Twitter ID.
  • Website link. This is the link that the green button below will send users to when it’s clicked.
  • Button action. The action of the green button in a booth can be customised in two ways. It can Register Interest (default) or link to a website. The link is the one you added to the “Website link” field above. This can be to a PDF, a shopping site, a signup form — it’s up to you. The Register Interest option sends an email to the Vendor email you added earlier.
  • Button text. If you’re linking to a website from the green button, it’s a good idea to customise the button text. For example, for a PDF link you could change the button text to “Download PDF” or for an ecommerce CTA it could be “Shop Now.”
  • Vendor logo. For the best appearance, we recommend using a transparent image file and a round circle if possible. Best dimensions: 1080x1080px.
  • Background image. This image is underneath the text and logo on the vendor’s card that you see when viewing the list of booths. Best dimensions: 1920x1080px.
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