This lesson is about preparation. The following tips are good steps to ensure everything goes smoothly on the day of your big event.

Do a test event.

You can duplicate your main event by clicking the three-dot menu and select “Copy.” Change this copied event to “Hidden” or “Private” in the Key Details tab. Your speakers will have to register separately for this event, but this will allow everyone to practice and become familiar with the venue.

Register yourself for your event.

Make sure you register yourself for your own event otherwise you won't be able to enter it.

Register your speakers.

Have your speakers register themselves on Hopin. Use the Invite Users tab to send them an invitation by email. Once registered, enter their names and bios in the Speakers tab and add them to their talks on the Schedule.

Do a test run on the Backstage.

Test your speakers’ AV devices (and yours) in the Backstage before the event. You can share the backstage link and test it at any time before your event is live. Remember to turn off the broadcast!

Hopin’s automated emails and what you can do about them

Hopin sends automatic emails at key points in the user journey of attending your event. You can use these, turn them off, or customize them (Pro plan only).

The emails Hopin sends are:

  • You are in. Delivered when the user registers. 
  • One hour reminder. Delivered one hour before the event starts.
  • One day reminder. Delivered one day before the event starts.
  • Start time changed. Delivered when the event gets rescheduled.
  • Magic Link Invitations (Pro plan only). Invitations sent by magic links.

To turn off Hopin emails, contact Hopin to turn on email suppression through a Hopin Pro account. When this is enabled, you’ll see a checkbox at the bottom of your Key Details page to suppress Hopin’s emails. If you don’t see this checkbox, it’s not enabled on your account.

Also for Hopin Pro users, you’ll have the option to customize all of Hopin’s emails under the Customizations area of your event dashboard. Please contact Hopin for more information and support on how to do this.

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