You can get additional data reports on the activity of attendees within your live event hosted on Hopin by adding Google Analytics.

To add Google Analytics

  • Create property on your Google Analytics account
  • Copy the Tracking Id from Google Analytics account
  • Open your Event dashboard on the Events page
  • Open the Advanced Settings tab of your event and paste the Tracking Id to the Google Analytics Tracking Code field
  • Click Save for changes to take effect

When your event is live, data will populate in your GA dashboard when attendees begin moving around the event.

Tip: Advanced Analytics package is available on the annual plan. It gives you the details on attendee attention during the event.

Full list of Reports available on the annual plan:

  • Event chat. Event chat as HTML file (All Plans)
  • Connections. Connections stats from Networking segment as csv file (All Plans)
  • Schedule. Schedule structure as csv file (All Plans)
  • Movement logs. Attendee movement across event pages as csv file (Annual plans only)
  • Viewership Counts. Viewership data per each event segment as csv file (Annual plans only)
  • Participation Durations. Participation per each event segment as csv file (Annual plans only)

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have questions, need assistance or request an upgrade.

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