The Stage is what attendees see during an event, while the Backstage is a private video chat that allows Speakers and Organizers rehearse before going live in front of attendees. Not only are you able to rehearse, but the backstage is also perfect for testing your audio and video before the main event.

As a speaker, you need to be signed in to your account in order to access the backstage.

Once you get the backstage link from the organizer, and it’s your turn to speak, you need to click on the Ask to Share Audio and Video button.

The Organizer will receive a request to admit you on screen. You can then go on to speak on camera, and even share your screen!

Tip: How to present slides on the Backstage


  • Only one person can share their screen per time. With one person using the screen share option, the screen share icon will be greyed out for the other presenters/speakers
  • If you have 4 speakers for a session, and one of them decides to share their screen, the Screenshare will be counted as the 5th person.
  • Can’t join the backstage? Here are some troubleshooting tips for you.
  • Check out this troubleshooting guide if you're having audio and video problems.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] in case you have questions or need assistance.

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